Expanded Han’gŭl Day Observance Planned

Korea Times Radio Seoul logoThe Korea Times Hawaii and AM1540 Radio Seoul will host a series of events on the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai’i at Mānoa cam­pus to show­case the Kore­an writ­ing sys­tem and its his­to­ry as well as Kore­an food cul­ture in obser­vance of the 4347th Nation­al Foun­da­tion Day of Korea and 568th anniver­sary since procla­ma­tion of Han’gŭl, the Kore­an alpha­bet.

hangul3Octo­ber 9th is the Kore­an nation­al hol­i­day cel­e­brat­ing King Sejong’s pro­mul­ga­tion of Han’gŭl in 1446. Octo­ber is also a mean­ing­ful month with the Nation­al Foun­da­tion Day of Korea being observed on the 3rd of the month.

Every year for the last four­teen years, the Korea Times / AM1540 Radio Seoul has cel­e­brat­ed Han’gŭl Fes­ti­val dur­ing the week of Octo­ber 9, and this year is ele­vat­ing this spe­cial day to pro­mote Korea’s his­to­ry and food cul­ture to the local com­mu­ni­ty as well. The fes­ti­val is an oppor­tu­ni­ty for chil­dren as well as col­lege stu­dents to appre­ci­ate the Kore­an lan­guage and its cul­ture through an essay and speech con­test.

This year’s Annu­al Han’gŭl Fes­ti­val will be cel­e­brat­ed on Octo­ber 4th at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai’i at Mānoa Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies. Two Kore­an organizations–Voluntary Agency Net­work of Korea (VANK) and Wan­der­ers of Bibimbap–will show­case the culi­nary his­to­ry and arts of Korea. These two groups of vol­un­teers will spend addi­tion­al time in Hawai’i spread­ing infor­ma­tion about the island of Dok­do, which is cur­rent­ly the sub­ject of a ter­ri­to­r­i­al dis­pute with Japan, and also demon­strat­ing the mak­ing of bibim­bap for local audi­ences.

This year’s event is sup­port­ed by gen­er­ous dona­tions from the Korea Foun­da­tion and the Hon­olu­lu Con­sulate Gen­er­al of the Repub­lic of Korea. Oth­er spon­sors are Kore­an Air, Dong­bu Insur­ance, Kore­an Amer­i­can Foun­da­tion Hawaii, Ohana Pacif­ic Bank, Korea Free­dom Fed­er­a­tion, and the Nation­al Uni­fi­ca­tion Advi­so­ry Coun­cil of Korea.

Schedule of Events

  • Kore­an Essay and Speech Con­test
    Par­tic­i­pants include K-12 and col­lege stu­dents
    Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies
    Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 4, 2014, at 9:00 A.M.
  • Nutri­tion­al val­ue of Kore­an Bibim­bap and Secrets of Its Taste
    Food demon­stra­tion and tast­ing by Wan­der­ers of Bibim­bap
    Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies
    Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 4, 2014, at 11:00 A.M.
  • Let’s Talk about the His­to­ry of Korea
    VANK Presents a spe­cial lec­ture on the his­to­ry of Korea
    Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai’i at Mānoa Art Audi­to­ri­um
    Wednes­day, Octo­ber 8, 2014, at 4:30 P.M.

photo: Wanderers of BibimbapWan­der­ers of Bibim­bap (비빔밥 유랑단, www.beginyourbibimbap.com) con­sists of Kore­an col­lege stu­dents who trav­el through­out the Amer­i­c­as, Europe, and Africa to pro­mote the Kore­an sta­ple bibim­bap as a healthy food item for peo­ple around the world.

The orga­ni­za­tion Vol­un­tary Agency Net­work of Korea, or VANK (http://korea.prkorea.com/wordpress/english/), spear­heads numer­ous civil­ian diplo­mat­ic mis­sions that help bring about a bet­ter under­stand­ing of Korea and Kore­an cul­ture. With the spon­sor­ship of the provin­cial gov­ern­ment of Kyŏngsangbuk-do, VANK spreads a mes­sage of peace­ful uni­fi­ca­tion of the Kore­an penin­su­la.

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion, con­tact Dong-Kwan Kong at dongkwan@hawaii.edu or call (808) 956‑8292.