Call for Papers: 2013 Im Conference of Korean Christianity

The 2013 Im Con­fer­ence of Kore­an Chris­tian­i­ty, “Growth, Stag­na­tion, Decline, and Renew­al of the Protes­tant Church­es in Korea, 1945–2013,” will be held at the UCLA Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies April 19, 2013.

The con­fer­ence aims to inves­ti­gate growth and decline of the Chris­t­ian church­es in the post-Korean War Korea. It will include the his­to­ry and the­o­ries of growth, stag­na­tion, and decline of Protes­tant, Roman Catholic, and Angli­can church­es in con­tem­po­rary Korea; com­par­i­son of Protes­tantism with Roman Catholi­cism; crit­i­cal issues in the 1970s for the future life of Kore­an Chris­tian­i­ty; crit­i­cal issues in the 1980s; major rea­sons for the decline of Protes­tantism in the 1990s; and crit­i­cal issues in the 2010s.

Pro­pos­als are invit­ed for pre­sen­ta­tions at the con­fer­ence. Pro­pos­als should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Sung-Deuk Oak ( by Novem­ber 25, 2012. All pro­pos­als must include a 500–700 word abstract and a short cur­ricu­lum vitae, includ­ing full con­tact infor­ma­tion.

Four to five pre­sen­ters will be select­ed and noti­fied by Decem­ber 15, 2012. They will be expect­ed to sub­mit a final full draft by March 15, 2013. The papers should be pre­vi­ous­ly unpub­lished.

Ques­tions regard­ing the con­fer­ence may be direct­ed to Sejung Kim ( or Mrs. Pey­ton Park (