Lecture-Demonstration: SunMu-ZenDance–Art and Spirituality

Sun Ock LeeThe Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies will host a lec­ture-demon­stra­tion on Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance pre­sent­ed by Sun Ock Lee
May 6, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. in the Center’s audi­to­ri­um.

Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance is a form of dance med­i­ta­tion based on Kore­an sŏn, an ancient med­i­ta­tion tech­nique.

It involves sim­ple move­ments while prac­tic­ing con­trolled breath­ing. The pur­pose of Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance ther­a­py is to enhance every­day life with the rich­ness of the equi­lib­ri­um of a healthy mind and body aware­ness as a heal­ing dance.

Sun Ock Lee cre­at­ed Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance and found­ed the Zen Dance Com­pa­ny in 1974. For the past thir­ty years she has been teach­ing and per­form­ing through­out Europe, the Unit­ed States, and Asia. She received her doc­tor­ate at New York Uni­ver­si­ty and taught at the Grad­u­ate School of Health and Sci­ence, Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance Ther­a­py, Pochon CHA Uni­ver­si­ty (2002–2007), and the New York Uni­ver­si­ty Depart­ment of Dance and Dance Edu­ca­tion (1978–1996). She has been work­ing as an inter­na­tion­al sec­re­tary gen­er­al of the Asia-Pacif­ic Per­form­ing Arts Net­work since 2000. At present, she teach­es at Zen­dance Cen­ter in Seoul. Her work spans East/West cul­tures and dance styles.

For her extra­or­di­nary dance per­for­mances and ther­a­py pro­grams, based on mas­tery of Zen phi­los­o­phy and Zen Dance tech­nique, she has been rec­og­nized and award­ed inter­na­tion­al­ly at col­leges and schools in Asia, Europe, and the Unit­ed States. Dr. Lee is the author of Zen Dance: Med­i­ta­tion in Move­ments I & II (1985, 1990), Sun­Mu-Zen­Dance Tech­nique and Ther­a­py (2001), and Heal­ing Zen­dance (2007). Her pro­fes­sion­al cred­its include res­i­dent artist for the Asia Soci­ety Per­form­ing Arts from 1973 to 1990. She worked as an assis­tant direc­tor for the Depart­ment of Per­form­ing Arts of the Asia Soci­ety from 1990 to 1993 and taught at New York Uni­ver­si­ty. She received the Choreographer’s Award from the U.S. Nation­al Endow­ment for the Arts in 1980, and she is the founder of the Asia-Pacif­ic Con­tem­po­rary Dance Fes­ti­val in New York City (1993–1998).