Korean Cinema at the Honolulu Museum of Art

still from Anarchist from Colony

Anar­chist from Colony

The Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies is join­ing the Hon­olu­lu Muse­um of Art in pre­sent­ing screen­ings of a series of the best new Kore­an films. The series–including his­tor­i­cal epics, polit­i­cal satires, thought­ful visu­al mas­ter­works, and Korean-American inde­pen­dent films–will be shown Sep­tem­ber 2–23, 2017, at the Museum’s Doris Duke The­atre.

Four Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai’i at Mānoa Kore­an stud­ies fac­ul­ty mem­bers will be intro­duc­ing some of the films: Young-a Park of the Asian Stud­ies Pro­gram, Myungji Yang of the Polit­i­cal Sci­ence Depart­ment, Jude Yang of Hamil­ton Library, and C. Har­ri­son Kim of the Depart­ment of His­to­ry.

The films in the series are:

  • War­riors of the Dawn (대립군);
  • A Taxi Dri­ver (택시 운전사);
  • The May­or (특별시민);
  • Blue­beard (해빙);
  • The Net (그물);
  • On the Beach at Night Alone (밤의 해변에서 혼자);
  • Right Now, Wrong Then (지금은맞고그때는틀리다);
  • Our Love Sto­ry (연애담);
  • The Bat­tle­ship Island;
  • Anar­chist from Colony (박열); and
  • Gook.

For a com­plete sched­ule of the screen­ings, detailed descrip­tions of the films, and tick­et infor­ma­tion, see https://honolulumuseum.org/16447-korean_cinema_2017.

Tick­ets for most of the films are $12 for gen­er­al admis­sion and $10 for mem­bers of the Hon­olu­lu Muse­um of Art. The excep­tions are the opening-night recep­tion on Sep­tem­ber 2, which is $35 ($30), and the show­ing of Right Now, Wrong Then on Sep­tem­ber 10, which is free.

Oth­er spon­sors of the Kore­an cin­e­ma series are the Con­sulate Gen­er­al of the Repub­lic of Korea in Hon­olu­lu, tele­vi­sion sta­tion KBFD, and the Korea Foun­da­tion.