Girls in My Hometown’ Concludes North Korean Film Series

The East Asian Film Soci­ety will con­clude its exhi­bi­tion of a series of North Kore­an films with a show­ing of Girls in my Home­town (내고향의 처녀들) Thurs­day, March 3, 2011, in Sin­clair Library View­ing Room #4 begin­ning at 5:00 p.m.

Girls in my Home­town, released in 1997, is a melo­dra­ma deal­ing with indi­vid­u­al­ism and sac­ri­fice. A young girl has a friend who has just come back from abroad, bring­ing with her for­eign fash­ions and for­eign ideas. When the solid­er to whom the friend was engaged becomes blind­ed in an acci­dent, she decides to put her­self first, neglect­ing her duties to her fiancé and the com­mu­ni­ty she lives in.

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