Evelyn Becker McCune at 102

Evelyn B. McCune, left, with daughter Heather M. ThompsonArt his­to­ri­an and edu­ca­tor Eve­lyn Beck­er McCune, long a friend and bene­fac­tor of the Cen­ter for Kore­an Stud­ies, is the sub­ject of an August 7, 2009, pro­file by Mike Tharp in the Merced (Calif.) Sun-Star. McCune, well known as the author of The Arts of Korea: An Illus­trat­ed His­to­ry (Charles E. Tut­tle, 1962), turned 102 years old this year. She lives with her daugh­ter, Heather Thomp­son, in Merced. Dur­ing a peri­od of res­i­den­cy in Hawaii, McCune was a fre­quent par­tic­i­pant in activ­i­ties at the Cen­ter and was instru­men­tal in secur­ing some of the prin­ci­pal mate­ri­als in the Center’s archival col­lec­tions: her own per­son­al papers as well as those of mis­sion­ary edu­ca­tor George Shan­non McCune; geo­g­ra­ph­er Shan­non McCune; and his­to­ri­an George McAfee McCune, her hus­band.

Mike Tharp’s col­umn on Eve­lyn McCune can be read on line at: http://www.mercedsunstar.com/115/story/992319.html.