Call for Papers: The Korean Popular Culture Reader

Pro­pos­als are invit­ed for papers to be includ­ed in a vol­ume titled The Kore­an Pop­u­lar Cul­ture Read­er, being edit­ed by Kyung Hyun Kim of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­i­for­nia Irvine and Young­min Choe of the Uni­ver­si­ty of South­ern California.

The Kore­an Pop­u­lar Cul­ture Read­er pro­pos­es to ana­lyze and the­o­rize con­tem­po­rary Kore­an pop­u­lar cul­ture and the hal­lyu phe­nom­e­non, to rec­og­nize its growth from and exis­tence with­in a larg­er con­text of pop­u­lar cul­ture beyond that embraced by hal­lyu fans, and to under­stand the social-polit­i­cal dynam­ics of Kore­an pop­u­lar cul­ture over the past century.

Espe­cial­ly invit­ed are papers on the top­ics list­ed below, but papers on relat­ed top­ics will be considered:

  • Colo­nial-era film spectatorship
  • Pop­u­lar music in ear­ly 20th-cen­tu­ry Korea
  • New Women and mod­ern desires
  • Radio cul­ture
  • Sports, race, and nationalism
  • Tourism and muse­um studies
  • Post­war rock music
  • Icon­ic screen fig­ures and the star system
  • Man­hwa and animation
  • Tele­vi­sion and pub­lic performance
  • Food
  • Idol groups, hip-hop, and youth subculture
  • Pop­u­lar tele­vi­sion pro­grams and genre studies
  • Amer­i­can recep­tion of Kore­an TV dramas
  • Con­tem­po­rary art and performance

Abstracts of 500 words and should be sent to Kyung Hyun Kim at by Novem­ber 10, 2010. A full paper of 7000 – 8000 words will be request­ed by April 1, 2011. Select­ed papers will be invit­ed to a pre­v­ol­ume Kore­an Pop­u­lar Cul­ture Work­shop at UC Irvine in late May 2011. Trav­el fare and accom­mo­da­tions will be provided. 

Direct inquiries about the project to Kyung Hyun Kim ( or Young­min Choe (