Call for Papers for UH Faculty

With the spon­sor­ship of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawaii School of Hawai­ian, Asian and Pacif­ic Stud­ies, the direc­tors of the Cen­ters for Japan­ese Stud­ies, Kore­an Stud­ies, Chi­nese Stud­ies, South Asian Stud­ies, Pacif­ic Stud­ies, Hawai­ian Stud­ies, and South­east Asian Stud­ies are plan­ning a col­lect­ed vol­ume of essays high­light­ing the expe­ri­ences of world trav­el­ers from the Asia-Pacif­ic region.

It is hoped that a com­par­a­tive and inter­dis­ci­pli­nary approach will pro­vide a way of cross­ing con­ven­tion­al­ly observed nation­al, geo­graph­i­cal, cul­tur­al, and lin­guis­tic bound­ary lines by address­ing com­mon themes.

In order to pro­vide the­mat­ic coher­ence, the focus will be on the late nine­teenth cen­tu­ry, when “globalizing” was gath­er­ing force. Pro­pos­als are invit­ed for essays of around 10,000 words from UH fac­ul­ty mem­bers that offer orig­i­nal research. Pro­pos­als should be sent to Maris­sa Robin­son ( by April 1, 2007.

Authors of the select­ed essays will be invit­ed to a work­shop that will focus on devel­op­ing the the­mat­ic con­nec­tions (ten­ta­tive loca­tion is Maui, date to be con­firmed). The col­lec­tion will be offered as a theme issue to the Jour­nal of World His­to­ry.