Call for Papers: American Academy of Religion Korean Religions Group

AAR Korean religions groupThe Kore­an Reli­gions Group of the the Amer­i­can Acad­e­my of Reli­gion invites sub­mis­sion of pro­pos­als for pan­els or indi­vid­ual papers to be pre­sent­ed at the AAR 2016 meet­ing in San Anto­nio, Texas, Novem­ber 19–22, 2016. Any pro­pos­al relat­ing to Korea and reli­gion will be con­sid­ered, but par­tic­u­lar con­sid­er­a­tion will be giv­en to pro­pos­als address­ing the themes list­ed below.

  1. Reli­gion and Pol­i­tics in Korea. Subtopics might include Reli­gion, Con­flict and Vio­lence; Reli­gious Imagery and Kore­an Uni­fi­ca­tion; Polit­i­cal Imag­i­na­tion and Reli­gion; Neolib­er­al­ism and Kore­an Reli­gion; Econ­o­my and Reli­gion; Polit­i­cal Involve­ment of Kore­an Reli­gions Past and Present.
  2. Reli­gion and Social Ethics in Korea North and South, with pos­si­ble dis­cus­sions of Social Jus­tice, Con­fu­cian ethics, Com­mu­nist Ethics, and Virtue Ethics in Com­mu­nism, Augus­tin­ian Chris­tian­i­ty, and Con­fu­cian­ism.
  3. Reli­gion and Cultural/National/Ideological Iden­ti­ty. Ques­tions of Reli­gion and Iden­ti­ty in Korea might be linked to these subtopics: Ide­o­log­i­cal Labels; Kore­an Dias­po­ra; Immi­gra­tion: Mixed-Nationality Fam­i­lies in Korea; For­eign Labor­ers in Korea; North Kore­an Defec­tors; Mis­sions and Indi­g­e­niza­tion.

Pos­si­ble themes for a joint ses­sion with the Chi­nese Reli­gions Group:

  • Reli­gions of Chi­na and Korea
  • Reli­gion, Pol­i­tics, and Law
  • Reli­gion and Sci­ence
  • Prayer and Med­i­ta­tion
  • Ethics and Thought

Guide­lines for sub­mit­ting pro­pos­als can be found at The dead­line for sub­mis­sion is March 1, 2016.