Call for Abstracts: 7th World Congress of Korean Studies

image: World congress logoProspec­tive par­tic­i­pants are invit­ed to sub­mit pan­el pro­pos­als and indi­vid­ual paper abstracts for pre­sen­ta­tion at the 7th World Con­gress of Kore­an Stud­ies. The Con­gress will be held at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai’i at Mānoa in Hon­olu­lu Novem­ber 5–7, 2014.

The con­fer­ence theme is “Kore­an Stud­ies, a New Per­spec­tive toward Glob­al Human­i­ties.” Those who wish to par­tic­i­pate are invit­ed to sub­mit abstracts on the widest vari­ety of top­ics that cor­re­spond to the con­fer­ence objec­tives.

Pan­el pro­pos­als should include a one-page pro­pos­al for the entire pan­el, a cur­ricu­lum vitae of less than one page for each par­tic­i­pant, and an abstract of less than one page for each indi­vid­ual pre­sen­ta­tion on the pan­el.

Indi­vid­ual paper pro­pos­als require sub­mis­sion of an abstract and a cur­ricu­lum vitae elec­tron­i­cal­ly. Abstracts can­not exceed one page (A4 size, 12 point) in Eng­lish or Kore­an. Those accept­ed will be orga­nized into pan­els of three indi­vid­ual speak­ers. A per­son may serve in mul­ti­ple roles such as mod­er­a­tor, pre­sen­ter, and dis­cus­sant.

To apply to par­tic­i­pate, sign up, com­plete an appli­ca­tion form, and attach a cur­ricu­lum vitae and abstract (Microsoft Word file only) at the Con­gress home­page ( between March 10 and May 9, 2014. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed, and those accept­ed will be noti­fied direct­ly in July. The dead­line for con­fer­ence reg­is­tra­tion is July 31. Full papers (10–15 pages) must be sub­mit­ted by Sep­tem­ber 30, 2014.

The con­fer­ence reg­is­tra­tion fee is US$100 ($50 for grad­u­ate stu­dents). The con­fer­ence will pro­vide lodg­ing and meals for those from out­side Hawaii who will be pre­sent­ing papers at the con­fer­ence (but not mod­er­a­tors and com­men­ta­tors).

For addi­tion­al details, see the Con­gress Web site or con­tact the Divi­sion of Inter­na­tion­al Sup­port for Kore­an Stud­ies, Cen­ter for Inter­na­tion­al Affairs, Acad­e­my of Kore­an Stud­ies:

The orga­niz­ing com­mit­tee for the 2014 World Con­gress of Kore­an Stud­ies con­sists of:

  • Kim Hyeon (Com­mit­tee Chair, Acad­e­my of Kore­an Stud­ies)
  • Sang-Hyop Lee (Com­mit­tee Chair, Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawai‘i at Mānoa)
  • Don­ald Bak­er (Inter­na­tion­al Soci­ety for Kore­an Stud­ies, Uni­ver­si­ty of British Colum­bia)
  • Lee You-il (Kore­an Stud­ies Asso­ci­a­tion of Aus­trala­sia, Uni­ver­si­ty of South­ern Aus­tralia)
  • George Kallan­der (Com­mit­tee on Kore­an Studies-Association for Asian Stud­ies, Syra­cuse Uni­ver­si­ty)
  • Antonet­ta Bruno (Asso­ci­a­tion for Kore­an Stud­ies in Europe, Uni­ver­sità di Roma Sapien­za)
  • Chang Won­suk (Acad­e­my of Kore­an Stud­ies)