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Center for Korean StudiesEstablished in 1972, the Center for Korean Studies coordinates and develops resources for the study of Korea at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa. The Center seeks to promote interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to Korean studies. Its faculty draws scholars from disciplines as diverse as communication, economics, geography, history, language, linguistics, literature, political science, sociology, music, and urban and regional planning.

With the largest concentration of Korea specialists and resources in any university outside of Korea itself, the Center strives to be the premier institution for the study of Korea in the United States. The Center conducts scholarly conferences; sponsors research projects; presents colloquia, seminars, and lectures; hosts visiting scholars from around the world; publishes significant research on Korea; and contributes to the enhancement of the University’s library system and other University research facilities.

The Center’s goals are to:

  • Enhance the quality and performance of University Korean studies faculty;
  • Develop comprehensive and balanced academic programs related to Korea;
  • Stimulate research and publications on Korea;
  • Coordinate the resources of the University with those of the Hawai`i community and other institutions, organizations, and individual scholars engaged in the study of Korea; and
  • Assist students in fulfilling their educational needs while at the University of Hawai`i.

The Center is located at 1881 East-West Road, near the intersection of East-West Road and Maile Way, on the University of Hawai’i Mānoa campus.

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More About the Center for Korean Studies

For more information about current programs, visit the Center’s main Web page at http://www.hawaii.edu/korea.

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You can follow news from the Center via Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/uhcks. If you prefer to see these announcements via Facebook, you can find us at http://www.facebook.com/ckshawaii.

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